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  • We help you get organised with our 'Household Finance Manager' binder along with our 'DIY Property Inspection checklist' and our 'Moving House Checklist' 
  • We provide you with a 'Welcome Pack' of information, booklets and brochures to suit your specific circumstances Our budget planning service will help you understand what you can afford now and also in the future
  • We provide all our investors their own Property Investment Analysis
  • We have strong long-term relationships with our panel of lenders
  • We know which lender will suit your circumstances
  • Our service continues beyond settlement which includes Quarterly E-Newsletters, monthly emails on interest rate movements, Facebook posts and annual reviews

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Credit Impaired

"Impaired credit history should not prevent you from buying your own home."

If you fall outside traditional lending policies due to previous credit problems, income issues or are recently self-employed, the first thing to remember is, here in Melbourne, we can help.  Most lenders charge a slightly higher interest rate and even a higher fee structure on these home loans than for traditional loans because credit impaired borrowers are regarded as higher risk.

Our non-conforming range of home loan products cater for clients who:

  • Have a bad credit rating due to defaults or judgments;
  • Self employed customers that are unable to provide a solid two years financial history;
  • Have employment and income instability;
  • Have been rejected by major banks and lenders for previous enquiries on home loans;
  • New migrant/non-resident in Australia;
  • Customers over the age of 55;
  • Are in arrears with their mortgage, car loans, personal loans or credit cards, or; 
  • Have been or are still bankrupt.

We recommend you order your credit file free of charge by visiting or by phoning Veda Advantage on (02) 9464 6000. This will help us to provide you with your real options. The good news is, even with minor credit impairment you may still be eligible for a tradiional home loan. 

If your identity details are not accurate or to query Bankruptcy Act information, judgement or writs & summons please advise Veda Advantage by emailing them on . If you wish to query any other activity, such as an overdue account or credit application, please contact the credit provider. If you are not satisfied with their response, please advise Veda Advantage by emailing them on and forward along with any supporting documentation. You can also reach Veda Advantage on PO Box 964, North Sydney, NSW 2059 or by fax on (02) 9278 7333.

Alternatively, you can contact "We Fix Credit" who specialise in the repair and deletion of disputable and contestable listings on your credit file. Depending on the nature of the dispute and number of listings, it may take up to 30 days to fix.You can reach "We Fix Credit" on (02) 9890 1277 or via or by visiting their website on

What happens if you buy a property in Melbourne and you don't have the 10% upfront in cash required as a deposit? We can organise a deposit bond for you which acts as your cash deposit substitute. This method of payment has to be agreed upon by the vendor and would only take up to 48 hours to organise.

We’ve compiled a guide which will outline 19 ways on how to:

  • Provide you with a basic insight into house hunting in Melbourne
  • Link home loan features to your needs
  • Reduce your mortgage in record time.
  • Download the House hunting and finance tips guide

If you want to learn how you can buy your first home or refinance despite having bad credit you can:

  1. Call us during business hours on (03) 9700 7033.  
  2. Make an appointment or Submit an enquiry
  3. Spare no more than ten minutes and fill in our online assessment form. By completing this form it will enable us to better prepare ourselves when presenting your finance options at your future appointment. After you click on submit we will call you to arrange an appointment.
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